Frequently Asked Questions


Find below answers to some common queries that you may have. If your question is not found below, please email us and we'll respond promptly.

  •  What type of assistance can I expect from Ag Business Digital Media Integration?

We help small agribusinesses in becoming more digitally savvy. We provide assistance with websites, social media, google ad-works, and many brand-related services such as logo design, content creation, marketing communication material etc.




  •  How much will it cost me?

The Ag Business Digital Media Integration program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the Evans Allen Research Grant. The goal of the project is to accelerate digital media adoption by small agricultural-based businesses in South Carolina. This grant allows us to provide all our services free of cost. However, the client will still bear charges for third party services such as web hosting or domain registration.




  •  How do I get started?

If you are interested in receiving assistance related to digital marketing or which to receive training, please contact us through email, phone, or Facebook. One of our team members will contact you promptly to set up an initial meeting. 




  •  Do you also provide training?

In addition to assisting with digital marketing, we also provide on-hands training related to website design, website optimization, and social media best practices. For topics and workshop schedule please check our Facebook page regularly.