3 Ways Small Businesses Can Connect to Customers on Social Media

Hey Busy Bees!

Today I will be sharing some quick tips on how small businesses can reach their customers through social media.

Right now, there are thousands of fingers scrolling through social media platforms everyday looking for the next big purchase, entertainment, or news report. Because of this, it is important that businesses have a large social media presence in order to maximize their customer base. Although this is true, there are still many small businesses that operate only from brick and morter and face-to-face interaction with their customers. Mainly because they feel the different social media are too time-consuming or difficult to navigate.

Because of this, our team pulled together some research and created three easy ways businesses can reach customers on social media.

1. Analyze when your customers are on social media.

First, you want to research when your customers are on social media and visiting your business page the most during the day. If you have Facebook business page, you may find this information under the 'Insights' tab.

For example, for our Ag Business Digital Media Facebook page we found that our followers visit our page between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

With this information, you would then schedule your posts along those time during the week. This allows more users to view your content and potentially become a customer of your business.

2. Post Regularly.

It is imperative as a small business on social media that you post relevant content regularly during the week. Our team usually advise businesses to post atleast three times per week. Posting content regularly allows your business page to stay relevant and keep customers coming back to your page, increasing your followings, views, and engagement. Posting content usually includes videos, photos, and/or campaigns that market your products or service(s).

3. Post Interactive/Entertaining Content.

Our team found that it is a great idea to post entertaining content every once in a while to bring in users and lighten up your business page. This includes TikToks, live meet-and-greets, memes, giveaways and more. People like entertainment and love to feel like they have a similar interest when becoming a customer of a business. So don't be afraid to have a bit fun when operating your business page.

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